What Can a More Intelligent Search Engine Do for you?
With more than one million patent applications being filed each year, the search for prior art is becoming an increasingly uphill battle for technology companies and their legal representatives. To help win the war, AI Patents has taken an innovative approach to patent searching that uncovers relevant prior art not found using other engines.
A Smarter Search Based on Ideas
Going beyond the capabilities of traditional syntax-driven methods, AIP has created an intelligent semantic search engine that compares documents on the basis of ideas, not words. The software's "education" spanned several years; its algorithm was trained over thousands of data sets and beta testing was performed with a multitude of different customer segments. Through this training, the AIP search engine learned to recognize the textual relationships that describe scientific concepts, and it uses this knowledge to compare inventions. And its education isn't over yet - as new technical terms are adopted over time, the engine dynamically learns other terms that are most closely associated with the introduced words.
A Unique Approach for Comprehensive, Relevant Results
Built on unique technology, AIP's easy-to-use software doesn't require any prior knowledge of exact terminology. Users can freely input ideas in their own words, copy and paste patent claims, or even upload entire invention disclosures. This patent-pending approach allows for more comprehensive results to be uncovered from a range of domains, including social media networks. No other semantic search engine has access to AIP's innovative technical dictionary. The engine ranks the results according to relevancy — determined based on the overlap of relevant ideas. Ultimately, this saves organizations time, and most importantly money. It only takes a few search queries to obtain a thorough sense of any patent or product landscape.