Amazon Thinks Outside the Box with Innovative Technology Patent

In today's high-tech competitive society, taking the proper steps to protect your innovative idea with a patent is imperative. Amazon knows this all too well and is now soaring above their competitors with their advanced drone-based patent titled, "Human Interaction with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles". The tech giant's patent application was initially filed in 2016 and approved this year by the US Patent & Trademark Office, bringing the company's delivery system to new heights. Amazon's long-term vision is to have developed a safe, efficient, and sophisticated fleet of unmanned drones designed to deliver packages with intelligence..

Patented Drone Technology that Allows for Human Interaction

Amazon's granted patent protects their futuristic logistics technology that enables their state- of-the-art drones to not only deliver packages within 30 minutes or less, but also interact with humans based on voice commands, along with hand signals, and have the ability to respond accordingly.

The drones are configured to recognize these human gestures for safety and delivery navigation purposes. This is made possible with Amazon's patented onboard management system that was designed to compare human gestures with those programmed into its database, and instruct an appropriate subsystem to take action. For instance, certain signals, such as frantic arm waving, can trigger the drone to not proceed any further, or reduce its speed. To assist in processing its next move, the drones are equipped with sensors, cameras, as well as microphones and speakers.

Amazon's Intellectual Property Protected During Patent Pending Phase

Filing a patent and obtaining patent pending status has afforded Amazon a considerable amount of time to build on their idea without losing the rights to their concept before the actual patent was granted. This demonstrates the importance of moving forward with the patent process in an expedited fashion, even a few months delay could result in the loss of intellectual property rights to another business or inventor.

Enhancing Their Concept with Several Patents

Amazon did not stop the executive brainstorming with just the drone itself, they also applied for an airborne fulfillment center patent. The patent details their concept of building a large fulfillment center in which an airship that remains at high altitudes deploys their drones for product delivery. In addition to this, a self-destructing drone patent was granted, although it most likely won't be in effect anytime soon. This concept was created out of the concern that in an emergency, a fragmented drone falling from the sky would cause less damage than one that is whole. The technology would be so advanced that the drone itself could determine the most suitable location to self-destruct based on the surrounding terrain.

Although still in its experimental stage, Amazon's drone technology is recognized as brilliant and has landed itself a spot in the Smithsonian Institution?s National Air and Space Museum. It's clear that Amazon has made incredible progress with their drone-based delivery concept since their initial patent filing, and many of their customers are excited to see their concept become a full-blown reality when the time comes.