News & Updates
February, 2020
Signed subcontracting agreement with one of the leading global consulting companies to use AIP's search engine
January, 2020
Developed unique capability specific to life sciences innovation which compares patent documents not only based on text, but also on the chemical similarity of molecular compounds that are included in different patent documents
November, 2019
POC for using AIP's search engine to assess essentiality of patents for standards
July, 2019
Collaboration established to bring AIP's technology to patent offices globally
September, 2018
Marshall Phelps, Paul Di Giammarino joined the board of directors
Nov 25, 2017
Collaboration with Duke University to uncover the trends in production and use of science by U.S. corporations
"Government data and research point to a 30 years decline in U.S. corporate investment in basic and applied research. In this project, we provide data on a broad range of companies, of different sizes and across many industries over a quarter of a century using novel measures of production and use of science. Our mission is to develop a better understanding of the factors associated with the changes in corporate research."
Dec 13, 2016
Remarks by Director Michelle K. Lee at the Patent Quality Conference Keynote
"Perhaps the most telling indicator of progress is that when the pilot examiners were examining applications not included in the pilot program, they continued to apply the pilot’s best practices. This is a strong indication that our training is working. Following Robin, Greg will talk to you briefly about our Automated Search Pre-Examination Initiative. As I said earlier, we want to make sure we're getting the most relevant prior art before our examiners as early as possible, by leveraging state-of-the-art search technologies. This past July, we awarded a contract to AI Patents to begin developing a new automated search system. We have begun testing the system they developed, and that we hope will eventually allow automated searching of prior art based upon the entire specifications and not just the claim language. We will continue to collect and evaluate data from this initial testing and will further refine this very exciting new tool that could be of significant assistance to our examiners and applicants going forward."
May 21, 2017
Applying Machine Intelligence to Patent Searching
"Generally speaking there are two approaches to using text for searching patents; traditionalists are accustomed to using Boolean operators, and collections of synonyms, often referred to as hedges, to conduct what’s called a keyword search. In the past decade, natural language processing systems have been applied to searching patents, and a variety of information retrieval systems that incorporate written text have made appearances in the patent space. Recently, I was made aware of a new machine intelligence based systems for searching patents called AI Patents."