Executive Summary

In response to the rise in global patent activity, AI Patents has developed a revolutionary, scientific search engine incorporating a knowledge base targeted at patents and other scientific documents. AI Patents created its initial searchable content repository by indexing and making searchable American and European patents in its database. The addressable market includes US and foreign businesses and individual inventors that have filed collectively close to 2,500,000 new patent applications worldwide in 2015 alone.

Existing patent search platforms typically fail to identify related patents because inventors often use different words to describe similar inventions. This makes search efforts based on the similarities between words prone to miss relevant prior art. What is more, existing techniques do not account for temporal changes in the terminology used to describe particular inventions. This is not a trivial omission as, by definition, the search for prior-art requires comparing an invention with others produced at different points in time. AI Patents developed an advance search engine that addresses these shortcomings. AI Patents uses thousands of patent examination reports from the American and European patent offices to learn about textual relationship that describe the same scientific concepts and applies this learning to compare inventions. Instead of comparing documents on the basis of word similarity, AI Patents' algorithm compares documents based on their idea similarity.

In July 2016, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded AI Patents the "Pre- Search" contract for integrating AI Patents' search technology into the USPTO. The aim of the Pre- Search Project is "to increase the efficiency of the patent examination process by developing an automated solution that will provide pre-search results for Patent Examiners." read more.

AI Patents' superior quality has been confirmed not only by the USPTO, but also by corporations. A market-leading patent search firm and a Fortune 100 company have confirmed that the AI Patents' search engine significantly outperforms other industry incumbent search engines when it comes to retrieving highly relevant search results quickly. In fact, the Director of Licensing and Alliances at a fortune 500 company described AI Patents' engine as the "best semantic search engine" that he has used. The breadth of AI Patents' offering to the patent community has been validated by multiple market segments paying for the service, as our customer list include blue-chip companies, medium-sized businesses, startups, patent investment pools, universities and the U.S. government (for example, Department of Defense (DoD) analysis of polices aimed at improving the innovative performance of DoD programs supporting corporate R&D).

Additional applications have demonstrated AI Patents' search engine's efficacy in searching "big data" sources such as company profiles, academic papers, scientific articles, and product descriptions. Because the intelligence behind the search engine is source-repository agnostic, the longer-term vision of AI Patents is to expand its offering across these non-patent, but technology content sources. The linkages between patents and product descriptions and company profiles and business information will help legal, business development, engineering, and C-level suite teams make more informed decisions more quickly.